Pennsylvania Online Gambling Goes Live

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ow YOU doin’? J.Todd comin’ to you from Las Vegas… and here’s what’s happening This Week in Gambling! Hello, my gambling friends.

I have returned after my week away touring Europe, Scandinavia and the sub continent. And I’ve made it back just in time, for this week’s big story. We waited, we watched and we prayed… now, it’s finally happened. Online gambling is LIVE in Pennsylvania. THREE casinos in the state have opened their virtual doors for business, so let’s take a look. First up: Hollywood casino which is offering slots and video poker… what you won’t find are table games, other than bacarat… there’s no craps, no roulette… not even blackjack.

Play Sugar House is also up and running, but they don’t have table games either. All they have is slots… lots & lots of slots. Fortunately for state residents, Parx Casino seems to have their shit together.

They have slots. They have video poker. They even have roulette and craps and bacarat! Plus, they’ll have LIVE DEALER games soon! Now, I’m not being critical of Hollywood or Play Sugar House casinos…

I realize that there was a sense of urgency to get their sites up as quickly as possible. The other games will be along… eventually. Of course, a BIG question is when will online poker be available in Pennsylvania…

I don’t have an answer, I’m just saying it’s a really big question! There is a rumor… and I stress rumor… that the Mount Airy Casino is trying to get a deal done with PokerStars. They are partners with the Stars Group, but so far no one is saying anything official. Now, when we come back from the break, Pennsylvania wasn’t the only state making some big gambling launch recently. Sports betting officially got under way in New York a few days ago at the Rivers Casino. The very first wager was for $20, and it was placed on the Seattle Mariners, which proves New York knows nothing about betting on sports.

Speaking of New York, we circle back round to the Stars Group… which we had mentioned in the first half of the show… They’ve made a deal with a casino in the state to power online casino games POKER… and sports betting… I’m gonna repeat that in case you missed it: They made a deal with a New York casino for ONLINE POKER… Interesting? Finally this week, a disturbing story from YouTube… where most of you are watching this video right now… as they begin to crack down on gambling content… like the video you’re watching on YouTube right now.

So far, they have not contacted us about anything, but the concern remains that any moment now Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.