How to Play Online Slot Machines

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Millions of people who live nowhere near a casino or legal gambling establishment are currently enjoying online gaming, and the most popular of all are the online slot machines.

Just like the live casino experience, an online slot machine offers a thrilling and exciting opportunity. For a minimal investment, sometimes pennies and nickels, a gambler can see hundreds and thousands of dollars in return.

How do you play online slots? While there are many tutorial sites that offer free lessons and playing tactics, there are many safe and certified online casinos where a player can join and begin to win real dollars.

The first thing to do when beginning to play online slots is to work with a casino that uses only certified, or third party certified software and programs. Though online casinos face all of the criminal penalties for fraud that brick and mortar casinos face, there are still opportunities for changing the odds. It is difficult to know that a site is safe unless it has all ready been scrutinized by experts. So, working with a certified casino is the best route.

The next thing to do is find a method to pay any fees and place bets. This will require a credit card, and many casinos are happy to handle this as well, but most experienced players recommend a third party payment site to insure against any questionable fees or charges. This may take a bit more time since the player will have to authorize the charges each time they play, but it is a security measure that will put a gamers’ mind at ease.

All online slots players are encouraged to create a budget for their gambling. In this way they can insure against spending money on the machines that they cannot afford. Many experts recommend dividing set amounts among favorite games, and taking winnings out of active play instantly.

The next thing a player should do is educate themselves. Online games are not exactly like their “live” mechanical cousins. There are numerous screens to many popular games, as well as settings that apply to bids. Close attention must be paid to these features to insure the player is paying the amount desired for each spin of the reels.

Most experts recommend that players start with the “antique”, three reels and single payline slots games. From there a player can progress to three reels, single payline games that introduce bonus features such as true multipliers.

After this, players should work with five reels games, then multiple payline games, then move up to the more complex video slots with bonus games and side games.

At this point a player will be qualified to play a few rounds of a progressive slots game, and will know the “cardinal rule” for this variety of online slot machine – which is to play only when the maximum amount of coins can be wagered. No one wants to hit a progressive jackpot, only to lose it because they had wagered a single coin or credit.