How Internet Gambling is Affecting People

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Internet gambling has risen to be one of the most profitable forms of gambling. It seems that online casinos are popping up everywhere on the internet. It is also much easier these days to deposit money and withdraw money through these casinos. What is so tempting about this form of gaming is that you can do it all in your pyjamas from home. This makes this problem much more serious, and it makes it easy for some people who wouldn’t otherwise play to start playing. Another feature of online gambling addiction is the hours that these websites are open. These websites are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which makes them more available than traditional casinos.

Another thing about these websites that needs to be mentioned is that even if internet gambling is illegal in your state, you can easily get away with playing on the internet for money without getting caught. An alarming trend that is continuing to this day is that teens are becoming hooked on this. More teens are playing on these websites now more than ever before. These teenagers and college students that can’t attend regular casinos because of age restrictions turn to the internet to get their fix. No one will check your age when you enter the casino.

Gambling from home makes it easy to hide your habit, no one can accuse you of frequenting bars or casinos. For many players the urge to bet higher and more often can become addictive quite quickly. It is worth noting that playing on the internet tends to be more addictive than doing it out of your home. No one is there to judge you, and no one will know but you. This freedom can often lead problem gamblers to play long hours in front of their computers.


The most common setback from this addiction is lack of money. This shortage of funds can lead to committing crimes to get money, or it can lead to borrowing large amounts of money that is hard to pay back. This addiction is known to cause strong feelings with friends and family members. Friction in families that are torn apart by this addiction is very bad sometimes. Some families may face physical confrontations, screaming, financial hardship, and a loss of friends.

If you feel you or a family member is in physical danger as a result of this addiction you should call 911 in an emergency. Often times the partner of the person playing will cease being affectionate with them and may distance himself away. Several friendships could also end as a result of unpaid debts.

This addiction is also a known cause of suicide in teens and adults. When loosing large sums of money, many people become desperate and lose hope. It is at these times that many people turn to others for help, however not all are that lucky.

This form of addiction is a very destructive one, but there are treatment options that have been proven to be very beneficial. The first thing to do is to try and limit your access to your computer if you can. If that is not an option, you should try and limit your access to funds that you can use to gamble online. You can set limits on how much you can withdraw, or you can completely cancel your credit cards or hand them over to a friend. Getting a trusted friend to manage your money can often help a whole lot in the beginning. Let a friend manage your money for at least 3 months or more. This time will allow you to recuperate financially, emotionally, and in other areas of your life that you have neglected.

It has been noted that not all internet casinos are completely honest with their customers. This has stopped many people from using the internet to gamble. However more and more websites that are more reputable are popping up. The best defence against this form of gambling is take precautions in the beginning. The next step is to seek therapy in your area, a professional therapist can help you overcome your addictive behaviour. Please note that it is hard to become a partial gambler after you were a compulsive gambler.

Once you are used to playing compulsively it is hard to go back and become a normal player. This addiction is a disease and it should be treated like one. It is almost impossible to play normally after you have learned the habit of playing compulsively. Many will try and many will fail, the outcome is always the same, the player will empty his wallet completely. If you feel like you need help please consult a good website about your playing habits.