Gambling Treatment Options for Sufferers

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If you have a gambling problem then you are in luck because there are now more treatment options than ever to help you with your addiction. Whether you like betting on horses, playing on video lottery terminals or playing at casinos, there is help for you. The first thing to establish is the severity of your gambling problem. If you feel that you have a serious addiction and you need a lot of help then you may decide that going to therapy is a good option. You can either choose from individual therapy or group therapy. You may be able to get both options at no charge to you, or in some cases you may be required to pay. The best way to find out about costs is to talk with a social worker and he or she will be best able to point you towards the best therapy options.

Group therapy is fine but some people prefer one on one individual consultations because it is more private and less confrontational. Many people are very private about their addiction and they like to keep it quiet which is perfectly fine. In therapy you will learn about your addiction, which includes triggers and things that may make the problem worse. In the case of triggers you may discover from your consultations that you tend to almost always gamble after a fight with your spouse. Triggers are different for everyone, but some come out more often than others like the one I just mentioned. If you know what your triggers are it will help you pinpoint things to be wary of. As for things that might make your problem worse, that could include living right next to a race track, or 2 blocks away from a casino. It could also mean that you tend to gamble while drinking, and obviously drinking can lead to excessive gambling in some people.

Many people with a gambling addiction choose to also go to meetings of associations like Gamblers Anonymous which holds free meetings several times a week. This association is a movement based upon the 12 step recovery program that was first established by Alcoholics Anonymous. At these meetings you will be able to chat with others about your problem, and you will also hear testimonies from others that share the same addiction as you. You will often hear stories that sound similar to your’s, and that can hit home and strike a chord within you. You can often make good friends at these meetings, and the coffee is always free. These meetings last typically around one hour to one hour and a half.