Gambling Treatment Options for Sufferers, Part 2

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If you addiction is less severe and you feel that you just need some advice about the way you bet, then you can always call a gambling hotline. They will be able to help you assess your level of addiction and what treatment option is best suited to your needs. There are hotlines in both Canada and the United States. If you live outside those 2 countries, then you can do a search on the internet for a hotline in your area. Another thing you can do that has helped many, is to read books or audio tapes about how to quit betting. There are several good books that you can buy online or at your bookstore.

If you feel that your playing has become so compulsive that you can no longer handle money without putting it into gambling then we will suggest something different. It is often a good idea in the beginning to ask for help from someone to manage your money for a few months while you get back on your feet. Many choose to hand over their debit cards and credit cards to someone they trust for a while so that they don’t waste the money they have. It is important to ask someone that you have faith in, this should ideally not be a gambling buddy or someone who already has trouble managing money.

In some cases social workers can arrange for you to have your money managed by someone at health services in your area. In this case they create a bank account for you and give you money each week that you need to buy food and pay bills. They will also arrange to have your rent paid and any bills that need to be paid. By calling a hotline you can often get information about this, or you can call health services in your area and ask them about it. The important thing is to put all the chances on your side so that you can avoid gambling at all costs. It is often best to quit completely, if you decide to still go once in awhile and only spend a little, it could backfire and you could end up spending much more.